About us

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us!

The sleep medicine and research community has been spreading its wings in India through a number of initiatives carried out by the ISSR. We would like to provide focused contributions that can be best carried out at a local chapter level. The Department of Neurophysiology at NIMHANS will be coordinating this activity.

Our objectives are the following:

  1. An annual national hands-on workshop (to be held in December) entitled ‘Basics of Polysomnography and Sleep Physiology‘ for the benefit for research scholars, residents and medical post graduates, technicians and other sleep professionals. This program (held twice so far) has received enthusiastic support and we look forward to adding more in-depth material in future sessions. Please check this website and the NIMHANS website in November for details.
  2. Community outreach programs for information dissemination on sleep.
  3. Monthly educational spotlight on latest research taking place around the globe.
  4. Bangalore sleep forum as a platform to bring together sleep professionals in Bangalore.


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